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Hard work, integrity, and flawless execution.

These core values express how we operate at FinFeather Construction. They guide us during every custom home build or remodel project, and they consistently help us achieve exceptional results. 

FinFeather Construction was founded by Michael John, an experienced custom home builder located in Houston, Texas. He and his team have executed major kitchen, bathroom, and home remodel projects throughout the core Houston area, including custom home projects in West University and Memorial. Michael's love for the outdoors inspired the company's name. And the observant, curious, patient yet determined attributes that are necessary for a skilled hunter and fishermen are intertwined into Michael's personality and character.

While we collaborate with clients directly, we also partner with expert designers to help build and execute your custom home vision. At FinFeather Construction, we know that project management and communication are critical components of success. Together, we focus on making the process of building your custom home one that is simple, straightforward, and timely.

The projects we undertake may have different specifications and goals, but maintaining the highest of standards will never change for us. This is simply who we are and how we operate. We look forward to building something with you soon.

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